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June 28, 2022
Maisie Alexandra Byers

Why Do We Offer Islamic Workshops & How Do We Incorporate Islamic Storytelling? ....

We believe in supporting children to connect with their faith in a creative and exciting environment and providing a space where the Muslim community can explore and benefit from ballet and poetry without compromising that faith.

When exploring the choice of narrative for Ballet workshops we could look to classical Ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty or Giselle as is the usual practice in classical ballet schools. But would they serve our community in the best way, would they promote the values we stand by or the moral messages we want to  educate our youth about? When the greatest stories for our community to benefit from are from the Quran we began to consider....why not depict stories from the Quran through Ballet and make our own Ballet ‘Classics’ for our community to celebrate?!  

We then set about discovering ways of exploring these stories that would help children to creatively connect to their Deen, celebrate identity and apply the morals and messages to their everyday lives. This lead us to beginning a series of stories learning about prophets from the eyes of a little girl called Grace....

Who is Grace?

Grace is a young girl with a vivid imagination who loves Ballet. She explores her connection with the Quran through a series of stories as she navigates her own Positive Islamic Identity.

Why Have We Created Grace?

She is a character for young Muslim girls to relate to, helping them to apply Islamic teachings to their own everyday lives and inspire a love of Islam.

How Will We Use Grace?

Our stories are written through poetry and promote the holistic development of our students as they follow Grace’s journey to discover her Inner Grace & Poise.

Our Work

All our poetry, choreography, creative tasks and methodology are uniquely curated by Grace & Poise to support children's holistic development whilst celebrating a positive Islamic identity and implementing Islamic values.

What Will Your Child Gain From These Workshops?! ...

Islamic Storytelling
  • An understanding of stories of prophets
  • An understanding of positive morals and messages to help them develop good character
  • A understanding of how to apply teachings derived from the Quran to real life experiences
  • Embodiment of Islamic etiquettes

Ballet & Expression
  • Physical, Emotional, Cognitive & Social Development in line with Islamic Values
  • Ability to communicate ideas/emotions & narratives through body language and expression

Choreography & Improvisation Classes
  • Exploration of creativity & imagination
  • Building confidence & independent thinking
  • Communicating feelings/ emotions and ideas creatively through movement

Poetry & Creative Writing Classes
  • Developed ability to reflect & engage with poetry and literacy content
  • Developed vocabulary language skills
  • Ability to share ideas/ feelings/ thoughts through language

Awards & Presentation
  • Confidence building & recognition of efforts & achievement
  • Celebration of hard work
  • Increasing sense of community

So what are you waiting for...

Twirl in tales based in truth

Leap with lessons we share with our youth

Prancing through pages to discover and find

Verses to inspire and enlighten our minds

To feel, explore, and open our hearts

Tiptoeing a path we never wish to part

Twirl in tales based in truth Leap with lessons we share with our youth. Prancing through pages to discover and find, verses to inspire and enlighten our minds. To feel, explore, and open our hearts Tiptoeing a path from which we never wish to part