Ballet to poetry Syllabus

Grace & Poise Academy is the first Ballet School to offer a unique Ballet To Poetry Syllabus.

The syllabus is founded upon child developmental theory, created by trained highly qualified professionals and is developed specifically for the child at each stage of their learning.

Our syllabus aids student in the following areas of development.

Cognitive Development
Ballet to Poetry stimulates the mind, enhances language acquisition and memory. Through developing more and stronger synapses connections, intelligence is developed.
Physical Development
Ballet teaches healthy and balanced body alignment which allows for good posture, coordination and stability. Ballet teaches muscle strength, control and stamina.
Emotional Development
Ballet allows the individual to explore, express and communicate their emotional state through words and movements, all of which aids healthier well-being.
Social Development
Ballet Classes are a platform for students to meet and make long-lasting friendships.
Creativity & Imagination
Storytelling and Ballet to Poetry engages the imagination and the creative mind through exploring new ideas.

Our Methodology

Our teaching methodology is founded upon developing the whole child and nurturing each individual to reach a higher potential.

We believe that the foundations of learning begin with developing good character and our classes aid the children to develop the following good characteristics.

Our Ballet Classes encourage patience, practice, supporting peers through their learning and finally, by allowing oneself to gracefully unlock their potential.
Our Students are encouraged to look after each other, to share and  buddy-up with a new student to welcome them and make them feel at ease.
Our students learn to respect their teachers and each other, as well as developing effective listening skills.
Our Ballet Classes teach that Allah is watching and loves those that are honest, kind and respectful at all times.

Ballet opens doors

As our students progress through the Academy their qualifications will be recognised and accredited. This will aid in their applications for Schools and Universities.

Through our examination and awards we aim to build a host of good traits in our students.

focus & determination
Our students are taught to engage with the Poetry whilst focusing on enhancing their movement, which requires a lot of attention and determination.
perserverance & commitment
Our Ballet Classes are designed to challenge and reward, so that students learn that hard work helps you to succeed.
team work skills
Our students are taught the importance of working well and in harmony with their peers in order for their individual progress and that of the overall class.
confidence & self esteem
Our Ballet Classes promote self-esteem as the child overcomes the challenges faced with increasingly difficult skills, exercises, and combinations to perform.
discipline & responsibility
Our Students are encouraged to adhere to uniform, to be on time and to bring the right attitude towards learning to the class.

Career Opportunities

Should our students wish to pursue ballet as a career, we will provide training and graduate programmes for them to train as Ballet Teachers.

This will enable them to join our Ballet Teaching Faculty and teach our Ballet to Poetry Syllabus.

We feel very strongly that our vision should benefit future generations.


Kind Words

"It has been a great event on so many levels. I think everyone went home with something special and a special encounter"
Grace and poise testimonialGrace and poise testimonial
Amani, Queen's Park London
"The event was so inspiring. Love sisters coming together to make an empowering difference. I found it really moving and would be honoured for my daughters to be apart of this Academy"
Grace and poise testimonialGrace and poise testimonial
Sumaya, Queen's Park London
"It was truly a significant part of the history and nurturing of those little girls and we really had such a pleasure being part of the event. May Allah grant you lots of barakah. Ameen"
Grace and poise testimonialGrace and poise testimonial
Selina, Queen's Park London
"Today really was so wonderful. I can't express how much it was just so warming"
Grace and poise testimonialGrace and poise testimonial
Anna, Queen's Park London
"My daughter didn't want to leave the event. It truly was special"
Grace and poise testimonialGrace and poise testimonial
Shamsa, South West London
"A day later and the girls can't stop talking about it"
Grace and poise testimonialGrace and poise testimonial
Anaisah, South West London
"I was really impressed with my daughter. She has massively improved in the past month. The show was lovely and well coordinated"
Grace and poise testimonialGrace and poise testimonial
"All girls were included and pushed to try new things. This event definitely improved my daughter’s confidence and social skills"
Grace and poise testimonialGrace and poise testimonial