Two friends both with a deep passion and care for child development, found themselves merging their ideas, experience and skillsets to bring something unique to the world.


At Grace & Poise, we believe everyone has great potential within. We believe in educating and nurturing individuals to reach their potential. We care to educate and nurture the whole child to develop harmony between their mind, body and soul, so they can sail through life with Grace & Poise.

We believe his is how we can make a fruitful impact on the world around us. 


We believe in contributing to Islamic Art and honour the significance of Poetry in the Islamic heritage. Grace & Poise Academy offers the traditional Art form of Ballet in a different context for it to be accessible to Muslims and instead of the traditional use of Music to Ballet, we use Poetry as a creative and innovative approach to Ballet. 


Sajedah & Maisie 



Artistic Director

Maisie studied at the Royal Academy of Dance, gaining a BA (Hons) Degree in Ballet Education and registered teacher status. Alongside the degree programme, Maisie gained a Distinction in the Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance, the highest award associated with the Academy, and accomplished her Advanced 2 in Ballet completing all Grades associated with the academy. Maisie loves teaching a range of ages and abilities and has experience teaching from the age of 2 yrs to professional level. Maisie has had a lot of experience entering children for Royal Academy of Dance  examinations and is passionate about enhancing knowledge of the body and Ballet as an art form.

After Graduating Maisie founded Semaphore Ballet Company, a Ballet Company recognised and supported by the Royal Academy of Dance. Maisie acted as the Artistic Director and Ballet Mistress for the Company while working with many creative minds within the arts to produce Ballet and Contemporary Choreography. Alongside this Maisie was able to explore freelance choreography and had the opportunity to travel whilst creating ballet choreography for film. 

Maisie trained in Pilates to expand her knowledge of the body and holistic practice and feels passionately about establishing a school for both ballet and Pilates with a holistic focus. Exploring the use of Poetry as an accompaniment to Ballet has led Maisie to developing a syllabus that is unique to the Grace and Poise Academy and it is her hope to promote a holistic education that is inclusive, creative and founded upon knowledge of the body and artistry. 


Business Director

Sajedah is the lead business strategist overlooking most of the business management for Grace & Poise.  Sajedah is visionary and works to ensure the Grace & Poise’s Vision is fed through the entire business strategy. With over 10 years of experience working in the Muslim community in various capacities, mainly youth organisations, Sajedah is extremely passionate about providing opportunities for Muslim children and youngster to allow them to flourish to their full potential so they can be positive contributors in society.


Sajedah has a special interest in Early Years Child Development, understanding the relationship of the human mind to human behaviour and exploring creative methods of learning to help people reach their potential. She is currently undergoing further education and training in Early Years Child Developmental. With a background in writing and delivering lesson plan for youth organisations and programme planning for her local scouts group, Sajedah helps develop Grace & Poise’s Islamic content aimed to support raising a positive Islamic character and Identity.

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