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©2018 Grace & Poise.


We believe that every lady must find ultimate harmony between Mind, Body and Soul, so She is Grace & Poise.

Our classes involve a holistic approach to learning by developing a harmonious connection between the mind, body and soul through Ballet and Pilates. Both art forms will teach you the oft-neglected skill of balance, flow, expression and mindfulness. Our Ballet and Pilates classes are accompanied by the finest of melodies in classic poetry and natural earthly hums and are sensitive to privacy and female modesty. 


This is for every lady who wants to awaken her inner Grace and Poise. 

The harmonious relation of Ballet and Pilates

Ballet and Pilates are deeply connected in history and principles of practice. In the early stages of development, Joseph Pilates tried and tested his techniques upon dancers from New York School of Ballet. Soon afterwards, the work created by Pilates was a huge success and became integrated within Ballet practice; subsequently becoming a complementary study to enhance ballet practice.


Today, Pilate techniques are used across the world to complement Ballet training and is considered a fundamental practice to promote the harmonious co-ordination of mind, body and soul.



Artistic Director

Maisie studied at the Royal Academy of Dance, gaining a BA (Hons) Degree in Ballet Education and registered teacher status. Alongside the degree programme, Maisie gained a Distinction in the Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance, the highest award associated with the Academy, and accomplished her Advanced 2 in Ballet completing all Grades associated with the academy. Maisie loves teaching a range of ages and abilities and has experience teaching from the age of 2 yrs to professional level. Maisie has had a lot of experience entering children for Royal Academy of Dance  examinations and is passionate about enhancing knowledge of the body and Ballet as an art form.

After Graduating Maisie founded Semaphore Ballet Company, a Ballet Company recognised and supported by the Royal Academy of Dance. Maisie acted as the Artistic Director and Ballet Mistress for the Company while working with many creative minds within the arts to produce Ballet and Contemporary Choreography. Alongside this Maisie was able to explore freelance choreography and had the opportunity to travel whilst creating ballet choreography for film. 

Maisie trained in Pilates to expand her knowledge of the body and holistic practice and feels passionately about establishing a school for both ballet and Pilates with a holistic focus. Exploring the use of Poetry as an accompaniment to Ballet has led Maisie to developing a syllabus that is unique to the Grace and Poise Academy and it is her hope to promote a holistic education that is inclusive, creative and founded upon knowledge of the body and artistry. 


Managing Director

Sajedah graduated from Leeds University with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a Bachelor in Psychology. As a dentist, Sajedah has been honing her artistry skills and manual dexterity, further gaining a greater appreciation for ingenuity and creativity in both her personal and professional sphere. 


Sajedah has an interest for understanding the human mind, whilst exploring creative methods to help people reach their potential. She is currently undergoing further education in Child Developmental in the Early Years.  With a background in Scouting, it has been a platform to work with young people to offer a holistic and comprehensive learning space. 


Most importantly, Sajedah enjoys Yoga, and is grounded by the principle of leading a heathy lifestyle for her mind, body and soul. Through Grace and Poise she aspires to facilitate a platform for children and women to harness their inner potential through a creative and artistic sphere.