Grace & Poise Ballet Workshops

July 2, 2020
Maisie Alexandra Byers

It’s so important that children are taught in fun, interactive and creative ways. Talking at children hoping they’ll take in what you say is old news now! Kids cannot learn passively but rather active learning is key for their development and progress. Through our Ballet Workshops we educate children about important life values through story-telling, creative writing and choreography.

What will your child gain from attuning our Workshops?

An understanding of Good Morals and Good Character

Children will explore and learn more about good morals depicted in the story by engaging with the inspiring characters. Traits like humility, being charitable, gentleness, helpfulness, caring, having a good heart, amongst many other honourable traits that are important to have as a Muslim.

Emotional Development

Children will be encouraged to explore their sense of self, who they are and freedom of expression in a safe space through the storytelling, creative writing and choreography.

Through poetry and creative writing children will gain an understanding of meaning and feeling through the spoken word which will aid their ability to verbally express themselves. Furthermore, through exploring meaning in movement, children will develop non-verbal communication skill which will teach them to put emotions into action through their body language and facial expression.

Creative and Cognitive development

Through the workshop children will explore their creativity by building confidence in their ability to invent, explore and discover.

In the creative tasks, the children will explore the meaning of words and their expression through their movement. Furthermore, the children will explore shape, dynamics and quality of movement which will help them to develop the ability to think more independently, to think openly and to problem solve.

Social Development

The workshop encourages the development of social skills through facilitating the opportunity to build friendship and to develop skills required to work together

Building teamwork skills, leadership skills, listening and communication skills.

Islamic Identity

This is core to the work we do. We seek to promote a positive Muslim identity through the content we use and its delivery. We will aid children to develop confidence in who they are.