A for Alignment

July 2, 2020
Maisie Alexandra Byers

Alignment is imperative in Ballet and Pilates but also in life. As humans our bodies work like busy bees, we sit, stand, walk, talk, and internally we are undergoing many different processes that are required for us to function. Would you believe that Correct Alignment is fundamental to enable your body to do all of this? Well if your not convinced, allow us to explain why…

The Body Facts

  • Your skeleton comprises 270 bones at birth and as the skeleton matures and bones fuse together 206 bones remain in the adult skeleton.
  • The Skeleton is surrounded by muscles and connective tissues acting as links in a chain connecting the body to allow body movement.
  • The kinetic chain theory defines that when stress is exerted on one or more of these links, stress is transferred through the links of the body subsequently causing damage to numerous areas of the body.
  • Stress can occur through major injuries but also the smallest of tendencies or body habits that over time can cause damage throughout the body. This could be due to incorrect alignment displayed in simple actions such as the way someone stands or sits or walks that over time causes wear and tear of the joints.

Why will understanding Body Alignment help?

  • Correct alignment allows the body to move in a stress free way
  • Correct spinal alignment enables your body to move in an efficient way with less risk of injury.
  • Correct body alignment helps keep the muscles and bones working efficiently and in balance which will aid long levity of movement and health
  • Correct alignment will help the major systems in your body to function properly including the digestive, immune, respiratory and nervous systems
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
Someone once said