Poetry Inspired Ballet for Muslim Girls

Ballet is a Classical Dance employing formalised steps that follow intricate choreographic movement patterns as a means of expressing emotion. Ballet encompasses mental focus, expression and physical excellence whilst engaging every aspect of the body, mind and soul. It's the perfect expression of Grace and Poise.

Our ballet classes provide an elegant approach to developing technical physical skills and artistry in a tranquil holistic manner. Our classes are accompanied by Poetry which provides a highly enriching, artistic and mindful experience. We aim to provide a supportive and inclusive space for our attendees to connect to the Mind, Body and Soul.


Baby Ballet


Baby Ballet 1 explores poetic storytelling with movement. As the girls gain an introduction to ballet at ages 2-3 yrs they embark upon numerous adventures. Whether it’s under the sea or deep into the jungle, this class is prefect to build imagination and creativity! This class encourages physical, emotional and social development and is a safe space for your little ones to discover ballet.

Baby Ballet 2 explores storytelling through ballet and poetry as the girls engage in more complex narrative that will really build confidence, self expression, and train the ballet skills with precision needed for the next level. At this level the girls can participate in a Demonstration Award, gaining a medal and certificate at the end of the academic year. This class is suitable for 4 yrs (reception)

Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet


Prep-Primary is the first level where we undergo a formal Ballet Exam at the end of the academic year! The girls explore a more formalised syllabus that develops precision of the basics of ballet. This level provides the girls with focus and self discipline whilst working in a creative atmosphere. This level is suitable for 5 yrs (yr 1). 

At Primary level, we see an increased ability physically in the level of control, strength, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination, balance and agility. The girls also explore a deeper level of the connection between poetry and ballet, and develop emotion and expression through movement.

The girls participate in a formal ballet exam at the end of the academic year before embarking upon Grade 1.

Grade 1 onwards


At this level, ballet steps become formalised and the student is able to physically cope with the demands of ballet upon the body and gain excellence of technique. The student also explores, emotion, movement dynamics, poetic quality and improvisational choreographic techniques. The students at this level gain a maturity in their learning displaying commitment, focus, determination and self disciple. The girls are able to work more independently to perfect technique and also to problem solve and provide feedback contributing to whole class learning ad progression.

From here the girls continue to gain a first class training in ballet.

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