Academy Regulations and Policies


This is an agreement between Grace & Poise Academy and parents and/or guardian joining our Academy. 


Ballet Trial Class

Every child is entitled to 1 Free Ballet Trial Class trial class. If more trials are needed these will be charged at the class normal rate. 

Failure to attend a Free Ballet Trial Class without informing us or rearranging the session 24hrs prior, will result in a future Charged Ballet Trial Class. If you wish to trial a class in future you will be expected to pay the cost of that individual class. 

We have a high demand for Free Ballet Trial Classes and to ensure there is no disruption to our classes, we cap the number of trials per lesson. In the event that you are unable to attend your trial we require notice to be able to give away the space to someone on our Trial waiting list. We ask that parents kindly respect this policy.

We have a strict no filming or taking photos during the trial class, unless its of your child alone. 


All parents must have a filled registration form and received an official confirmation for their child’s place before attending classes.


It is Ballet etiquette that students arrive on time ready for class. Persistent late arrival will be flagged up and discussed with parents.


Aside from the Ballet Trial Class, mums are not be allowed in the studio during teaching time. 


Term dates, classes and locations are all subject to change.



Fees will not be amended in respect of family holidays, school trips, school exams or short-term sickness or injury. Circumstances of long-term sickness or injury will be assessed on a case by case basis.


In the situation of an absence, your child can attend up to 3 same level Ballet ‘make up’ class in our other locations. Alternatively, in the same location, up to 2 ‘make up’ classes can be made in either an older or younger Ballet Class, depending on their age and suitability; until we expand to offer same classes on different days in any one location. Please arrange this with the admin team.


No ‘make up’ classes are allowed during watching weeks or the last half of the Summer term.



Term Invoices will be generated every term in the academic year. These will be emailed at the end of each term for the following term. Payments will only be accepted by bank transfer. No cash payment will be accepted unless in certain circumstances, please speak to admin.


Term fees need to paid by the end of the second week from the start of each term, or two weeks after receiving the invoice. Failure to make payment by the start of third week, your child is not allowed to attend classes. This rule does not apply to our Homeschooling Ballet Programme. 

For the Homeschooling Ballet Programme, upfront payment is required to secure your child's place. Your child cannot start Ballet Classes without upfront term payment. 


The school reserves the right to terminate a student’s membership for reasons such as unpaid membership fees or unacceptable behaviour.

Uniform payment is required promptly in order for the student to have their uniform the next class.  


Uniform and dress code

The official uniform of Grace & Poise is mandatory and should be purchased after your trial class in preparation for your first official class. 

Every examining Ballet School carries a consistent appearance and branding that makes their school recognisable. As such, every Ballet School has a specific dress code or uniform that represents them and sets them apart from other Examining bodies and Ballet Schools. Many Ballet Schools require their students to change the colour or style of leotard at each level of study which means parents are required to purchase a new set of uniform over the course of training. 


Grace & Poise Academy’s uniform colour theme is Pink for Baby Ballet Level and Bluebell for all other levels after Baby Ballet, that participate in Ballet Examination. We picked one colour theme after Baby Ballet to please all age groups and to become Grace & Poise’s signature appearance and to reduce pressure on parents needing to change Ballet uniform at every level. Furthermore, we have selected Ballet Uniform Items that are made of long-lasting material and designs that will cater for modesty.


We kindly request that all parents have respect for our uniform requirements and appreciate the considerations we have made to benefit parents, students and the Academy. 


Long hair must be tied back in a bun and for short hair, pulled back with a head band. This is for health and safety of practice and therefore if a student arrives with hair loose we will ask that it is tied back.


It is the parent’s responsibility to name all items of their child’s uniform. Grace & Poise Academy will not take responsibility for any lost property. Effort will be made to ensure items are kept safe in the lost and found. 


The official uniform only applies to students attending the Evening Ballet Academy. This does not apply to students in our Homeschooling Ballet Programme.  

Assessment & Ballet Exams

Working towards the highest standard of teaching and training, students can undertake Grace & Poise Academy examination to progress to the next grade. This can only be done once the principle Ballet teacher believes the student has obtained the required level of skill. An official letter home will be sent inviting students to progress.


Exam Invoices will be sent closer to the time of Ballet Examination. This needs to be settled within 14 days of the Invoice date.

Fees need to be paid by Exam date otherwise Exam Entry will be denied.


Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy

At Grace & Poise Academy we have a responsibility to protect and safeguard all our children. We abide by the Child Protection Act 2004. All teachers and members of staff have up to date DBS check which are renewed every 2 years.


Children will remain in the studio with the teacher at all times until their parents/guardian arrive. Children will be handed back to parents at the end of the class. Once the child is with their parent they are their parent’s responsibility.


We will not allow or tolerate any bullying or discriminative behaviour. If any such behaviour is flagged up, parents will receive an official warning letter and if there is no improvement


we reserve the right to terminate membership. A child might be asked to step out of class with another member of staff if they are being disruptive and could be a potential harm to other students.


Health & Safety

A degree of physical contact is required by the teacher to aid teaching and prevent injuries. Although great care is taken at all times, we cannot take responsibility for any injuries occurring during or after class.


Please inform us of any medical problems or allergies your child suffers from. Parents need to promptly update us of any medical changes.


In the event that your child requires First Aid your child will be tended to by a Qualified First Aider and if needed we will contact the parent/guardian of the student. In the event that your child has an accident /medical incident under our care we will provide you with an Accident form to make you aware.

Photography Policy

Videos and photographs may be used in the Academy’s website and Social media sites for marketing purposes solely for this Academy.



Video evidence used for dance technique and performance analysis in staff training sessions or promotional events will be used solely for this purpose and viewed with consent of the children, and their parents/carers, in question. Video footage gathered by Grace & Poise Academy will not be given to any outside agency without the express consent of the children and their guardian(s).



Grace & Poise Academy will ensure the welfare and safety of all young people involved in our activities. In accordance with our Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the parents/carers and children. The student’s modesty will be protected at all times; therefore, student’s will only be photographed in appropriate clothing during action or staged shots. We ask parents when taking pictures of their children to ensure no other child is in the picture.


Grace & Poise Academy will take all steps to ensure that any photographic images are used solely for the purposes they are intended and in accordance with our Photography Policy. Grace & Poise Academy will inform parents/carers if they wish to use any images for the purpose of marketing and publications outside of the Company, to ensure they are happy about the way the child is portrayed and any accompanying personal information. If you have any concerns that images are being inappropriately used, please inform one of the Grace & Poise Directors’ immediately at



Half a terms notice (6 weeks) is required if the student wishes to leave the Academy. Otherwise a half a term’s fee be paid in lieu of such notice. A written notice is required for official acknowledgment.



Parents will be notified by our texting service, website and emails if classes are cancelled due to severe weather conditions. If classes are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and cannot be replaced the school will not refund classes but will endeavour to supply a ‘Make Up’ Class Date if possible.


Protection of the Academy's Integrity

Parents must agree that during their child’s contracted term of study with us they do not attend or promote Ballet Classes hosted by another organisation other than Grace and Poise Academy.

It is not permissible to share any choreographic, poetic or other relevant material owned by Grace and Poise Academy without the permission of the Academy's Directors. This includes the sharing of any footage of class material owned by Grace and Poise Academy, or any recording of Teachers, Classes, or resources received.

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